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Raising Business Finance

Raising Business Finance

All businesses have a requirement for additional funding at various times and for differing reasons.

The way in which such funding is structured can be key to the future success of the Company.  There are many different routes of which bank overdraft facilities is the most obvious and the one which people seek when in fact other routes are more beneficial to the Company.

We are skilled in establishing the correct method of funding any project and sourcing those funds at the correct market rates.  We have established over many years numerous contacts with lenders who are geared to giving quick decisions and we know what information is needed by them in order to achieve that.

Our strategy includes:

  • Business Plan Preparation
  • Assess Funding Requirements
  • Determine type of Funding
  • Provide Single Sheet Summary for Initial Approach
  • Approach suitable Providers
  • Negotiate Correct Terms
  • Assist in Finalisation of Documentation


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